German Universities Are Among The Best In Europe

German universities cater to technical courses, applied sciences, and even music and arts exclusively. So, whatever your choice of subject, chances are there will be an institution set amid lovely landscapes and possibly neighboring a majestic palace or castle for you to embark on your University education.

Universities in Germany number about 375 of which about 162 are devoted to applied sciences and are known as Fachhochschule Institutions. The courses are shorter and have more scope for research and a practical focus. The academic year usually begins in October and goes on to July.

There is an emphasis on independent learning where the onus is on the student to complete a certain amount of coursework including lectures, reports, and discussions which will culminate in examinations. The grading system goes from 1 to 5, where 5 is fail.

Other universities in Germany include about 52 art colleges, 16 theological colleges, 29 colleges of public administration, and 6 teacher training colleges. It’s no wonder then that about two million students are enrolled in German universities making for a vibrant campus scene.

The Top 5 German Universities

The honor of being the top German University goes to the Technical University in Munich. It is ranked 56th in the world and is considered one of the all-time favorites in Germany. Known locally as the Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM) it is also the only European University to have received an award for outstanding research from the Sun Microsystems. The university specializes in bio-physics and tumor research as well as high-tech. Its alumni include three Nobel Prize winners.

The University of Bonn gets second place on the honor roll with emphases on mathematics and pharmacy. There is considerable opportunity for research at its 13 postgraduate research centers. The university is known for its international exchange programs and has about 5000 foreign students.

The University of Freiburg is high on the list with its passion for the humanities and a broad range of programs in 11 departments teaching 60 subjects. German Studies, History, Sociology, Law, English, Medicine and Dentistry make quite an impressive list of subjects available. In addition to the subjects there’s also the attraction of the Black Forest in the vicinity besides the salubrious climate. Founded in 1457, it has about 3,800 foreign students.

The University of Göttingen in central Germany, founded in 1737, is known as a researcher’s heaven. In the vicinity of this hallowed hall of learning you’ll find five Max Planck Institutes, the German Primate Center, the Göttingen Academy of Sciences, and the German Aerospace Center research facility. About 3,000 foreign students are enrolled here and working on bioinformatics, molecular biosciences and neurosciences. The university has produced seven Nobel Prize winners and about 24,000 students live on campus making it one of the most attractive University towns in the state.

The University of Heidelberg ranks next and is known for its picturesque location as well as its strong history in the humanities and medicine. It has a strong research background in molecular biology and cancer research. Founded in 1386, it has a genteel ambience that is embellished by its stately building and natural beauty surrounding it. Reputed to be the oldest University in Germany, it has also produced seven Nobel Prize winners and has sixteen postgraduate research centers.

Other Notable Universities In Germany

Other top universities in Germany are the following with what it is renowned for in paranthesis:

  • Ludwig Maximilians University (Humanities, Cultural Sciences, Law, Economics, Sociology, Medicine)
  • Technical University of Berlin (Computer Science)
  • Ulm University (Natural Sciences, Medicine, Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering)
  • Bayreuth University (Mathematics, Physics, Sciences, Earth Science, Business, Law, Economics, Cultural Studies, Engineering)
  • Karlsruhe University ( Engineering)
  • Stuttgart University (Computer Science, Engineering, Social Sciences)
  • Constance University (Economics, Public Policy, Cultural Studies)
  • Tübingen University (Theology)
  • Darmstadt Technical University (Engineering)
  • Berlin Technical University (Electronics, Computer Science, Psychology, Music Science, Agricultural Planning, German Studies)
  • Bochum University (Engineering, Science)
  • Erlangen-Nuremberg University (Medicine, Science)
  • Bielefeld University (Sociology)
  • Kaiserslautern University (Technology)
  • Marburg University (Humanities).


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