Theme Parks In Germany Guarantee Family Fun!

Germany has more to offer visitors than its fabulous castles and sumptuous natural beauty. When you’re done with the history, culture, the beer, and the wine, it’s time to hit the theme parks in Germany.

This is a great way to have some family fun and welcome the spring season. Germany has over 50 theme & amusement parks located all around the country, which means there’s always one nearby.

Theme Park Tips

Normally you get to pay an entrance fee and work your way through a long list of rides and exciting events. But sometimes you may have to pay extra for some rides.

Arrive early to beat the crowds and get on more rides. Beat serpentine queues by not adhering to the official route. Think outside the box and head for the last rides first while people are yet to make their way there.

As you work your way from last to first, get your snacks and meals outside of normal meal times too, to avoid wasting time at crowded restaurants. These few tips might save you a few precious hours just hanging in queues and getting angrier by the minute.

Theme parks in Germany run the gamut from the simple to the fantastic. From fairy tales to safaris, these parks have almost all themes covered between them. The biggest of the lot is to be found in Rust near Freiburg, and is touted to be the German equivalent of Disneyworld.

My Top 10 Theme Parks In Germany

Known as Europa-Park, its theme covers all European countries and has sections devoted to each. Of course, there are the rides and the roller coasters — almost a hundred of them — to suit all ages. In fact, the roller coaster here is said to be the largest in Europe.

They have accommodation to suit all budgets, and these are themed as well. So you can literally pick a European country to reside in.

For a taste of Hollywood while in Germany, head for Movie Park located in Bottrop-Kirchhellen, close to Cologne and Düsseldorf. This would be the German equivalent to Universal Studios where you can get your fill of all your favorite movie characters and movie productions.

Walk into movie sets and see them perform mind blowing stunts with burning buildings in the background. This is as real as it gets!

Phantasialand is one wild ride after the other with mind boggling special effects and a variety of exciting sights and sounds. Enjoy the world’s largest indoor roller coaster, a bungee jump at the Mystery Castle, the world’s fastest mine train, and much more.

This fun place is located in Brühl and very easily accessible from Cologne as it is south of it. Take a ride on the Phantasialand Jet around the park first to get an idea of the enormous amount of fun available below.

Freizeit-Land Geiselwind in Bavaria is devoted to animals and nature, and has its share of exciting rides and exhibitions. It is located in Geiselwind, conveniently at the Autobahn A3 between Nuremberg and Würzburg.

Holiday Park is a huge family favorite with a variety of rides and exhilarating fireworks displays; plus, it has got the world’s favorite Roller Coaster. This amusement park is located in the Palatinate, in the southwest of the Ludwigshafen/Mannheim metropolis.

Heide-Park Resort is a popular theme park in the north located in Soltau near Hamburg and Hanover. Enjoy the antics of the wild life here that numbers well over 200. There are also about 50 fantastic rides, including the world’s biggest wooden roller coaster.

A definite change of scene is to be expected at the fantastic Belantis Amusement Park in Leipzig. An exciting mixture of history, culture, and medieval architecture plus thrilling rides. It is a theme park in Germany with a difference that you’ll enjoy to the fullest.

Visit the Valley of the Pharaohs, feel your head spinning while on the swinging ship on the Explorer’s Coast, and get on the Dragon Ride. Take a relaxing breath and enjoy the fabulous Belantis Castle.

When it comes to sheer thrill, it’s hard to beat Hansa-Park in Sierksdorf near Lübeck at the Baltic Sea. If you thrive on the adrenalin shot delivered by roller coasters that scare the bejabbers out of normal people, this park is for you. Have a hair rising ride you’ll never forget.

Legoland Deutschland is, of course, an eternal favorite. Located in Günzburg, near Stuttgart and Munich, this world of colorful building blocks draws huge crowds throughout the year. There is a replica of the famous Neuschwanstein Castle that will simply blow you away.

Playmobil Fun Park is aimed at the younger kids and has plenty of attractions to keep tiny tots busy. A pirate ship, eerie ruins, fantastic castles, and tree houses let your kids’ imagination run riot. :o) It’s located near Nuremberg.

Other Theme Parks Worth Mentioning

Here are a couple more amusement parks that are worth mentioning and visiting…


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