German Zoos — Where We Let Nature Be Nature

Surrounded by a landscape characterized by flora and fauna, German zoos offer the experience of fascination in wilderness along with the nature’s realistic splendor and vital diversity. Germany’s animal parks generally run with the motto “let nature be nature.”

A tropical ambience beside the Rhine, giraffes on the North Sea coast, dolphins in the South and pandas in Berlin — in Germany you will unearth a wonderful selection of animals from around the world, all cared for in the interest of world conservation, in some of Europe’s best wild animal parks and zoos.

Track the black woodpeckers call, enjoy the breathtaking views from dense regions, or relax at the same time in romantic stream valleys and extraordinary beech forests. German zoos offer exceptional and numerous activities addressing all ages.

With visitor centers, so called National Park-Gates, in Schleiden-Gemünd, Simmerath-Rurberg and in the train station of Heimbach, exhibit attractive exhibitions combined with comprehensive tourist information.

Comprising about 100 square kilometers, the Eifel National Park counts to the newest German zoos since it has been established on the 1st of January 2004. It is situated in the mid mountain range of the northern Eifel region. Owing to its neighboring Belgian border, it represents the most western Animal Park in Germany.

Vast areas of decidious forests with unfathomable reaching river valleys characterize the Northern part of the Park. The Eifel National Park counts about endangered animal and plant species as well as about 1.300 beetle species were discovered in its forests. Red deer, wild cats, beavers, black storchs, eagle owls and even wall–lizards live in the region’s Animal Parks.

Berlin Animal Park is the foremost example of German zoos, located in the heart of Berlin and home to added species than any other Animal Park in the world. Berlin Animal Park consists of more than 13,000 animals living in a magnificent park. You can notice extraordinary animals such as the giant panda, gorillas and kiwis in naturalistic outdoor enclosures and animal houses with exotic designs. The three-storey aquarium takes visitors on a mission from the Great Barrier Reef with its tropical reef sharks to the crocodiles of the Amazonian jungle.

Cologne Zoo in Cologne is the tropical excursion on the Rhine as here Gibbons leap proficiently from branch to branch and exotic birds flit around the dense palms and jungle ferns. Visitors to the tropical house at Cologne Zoo can envisage themselves in a Southeast Asian rainforest — and gain knowledge about saving the tropical forests. Other highlights consist of the apes’ jungle house, the bulky aquarium and the new, huge elephant park.

Opel Animal Park is one of the German zoos where you can gaze at giraffes, hippos, elephants and zebras almost as if they were in the wilderness. This landscaped Animal Park in Kronberg im Taunus near Frankfurt also has circular paths and trails, escapade playgrounds and a petting zoo. In addition, if you have always wanted to ride a camel, this is your prospect to try out one of these “ships of the desert.”

Have you ever touched a live elephant? Well, you can do so at the Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg. Around 2,500 animals from all over the world subsist in that park that is also a listed site of historical interest. It is grand to get up lofty enough to look giraffes straight in the eye and to watch baby orang-utans at play. :-)

Hanover Animal Park in Hanover is generally known as “Africa and India in the heart of Germany.” At Hanover adventure zoo, you can get a thrilling boat ride where rhinos, flamingos and giraffes are close enough to touch. I addition, an underwater window gives you startling views of hippos swimming.

Or what about a trip to Leipzig to the Leipzig Zoo, where water crashes down the waterfall beside the splendid temple ruins and fallen columns. A gigantic bull elephant takes a bath a few meters away and two young elephants romp happily about. This animal park is a world full of mysteries for you to discover.

Then there is the Munich Zoo, which could easily get you around the world in a single day as you might find here Kangaroos from Australia, tigers from Siberia, and penguins and polar bears from the Polar Regions. This Animal Park in Munich gives you a mesmerizing discovery tour of animals representing every continent.

One could easily claim it is one of the most special German zoos. Beside many other animals, Molli, the kissing sea lioness, and Porgy, the impressive silverback gorilla, can be seen as if in the wild, rather than behind railings.


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