Top Places To Visit In Germany

There are ever so many places to visit in Germany, but you can’t go wrong with any city you pick. The big cities of Germany are where you’ll encounter the essence of German efficiency, hi-tech precision, and the admirable aesthetics that present you the practical with the picturesque.

Medieval history and modern conveniences make Germany a delight with plenty of places for you to visit.

While in the capital city of Berlin, you can’t go past the Brandenburg Gate with its impressive Roman columns, the spectacular Schloss Charlottenburg, the 19th century Berlin Cathedral with its awesome interior, St. Hedwig’s Cathedral modeled on the Pantheon in Rome, the Reichstag Building, the Neptune Fountain standing 10 meters tall and representing the main rivers of the land, besides a number of remarkable town squares, impressive museums, art galleries and more.

Cologne or Köln is another great place to visit in Germany. Right at the top of the list would be the famous Cologne Cathedral which is everything it is stated to be and more. Dedicated to the three Wise Men, it is a treasure trove of spirituality, history, and Gothic architecture, all molded into one supreme experience that will enchant and exhilarate. If you’re on a round of churches, there are about ten more showcasing various period architecture and bits of history with a touch of the mystic in some cases.

A great place to have a cup of coffee would be the tower of the Eigelsteintor, a medieval fortification that also houses a museum. The Zoo, with over 5,000 animals, and the Botanical Gardens will fit in nicely if you’re traveling with kids.

Munich or München may not be as popular but it is an incredible place of interest in Germany and has plenty to tempt you to stay longer. The Lustheim Palace with its wonderful frescoes and porcelain collection also comes with a fair bit of historical anecdotes, while the Marienplatz with its 17th century column of the Virgin Mary is another venue replete with stories, legends, and historic monuments. This is also the perfect place to catch a train to almost anywhere.

The City Museum, the Museum of Man and Nature, the New Botanical Gardens, the Old and New Town Halls, the Toy Museum, and the Olympiapark all offer various opportunities for a good time for the whole family. Don’t forget the Viktualienmarkt for some fantastic shopping for local goodies.

Without doubt, Frankfurt am Main is a great German city to visit. Famous for its fabulous airport, the city is awash with visitors most of the year.

While here, you should certainly visit the fantastic Alte Nikolaikirche known for its red and white edifice. It dates back to the 13th century and has plenty of historic facts to add to its allure. The Alte Oper or the Opera House is another magnificent building with a beautiful fountain that will take your breath away. Looking at this vibrant piece of architecture you’ll be hard put to believe that it was almost totally destroyed in the world war bombing. After admiring the building you might want to stay back for a concert or ballet.

Other venues of repute will be the Commerzbank Tower said to be the second tallest in Europe, the impressive Gothic structure of the 13th century Dom Cathedral, the Dreikönigskirche dedicated to the Three Kings, and the medieval tower of Eschenbeimer Turm located right in the middle of the city. Speaking of towers, Frankfurt seems to have quite a number of them such as the Main Tower, the Messeturm and the Europa Tower each with its own story.

The Frankfurt Zoo is a popular haunt of visitors and locals alike and promises a great time for all. If you’re a literature buff, you might want to visit the Goethe House Museum. There are the others such as the Heinrich Hoffman Museum, German Film Museum, Architecture Museum, Ikonen Museum, and the Jüdische Museum depending on your preferences.

Another great place to visit in Germany would be Hamburg with its Airbus Factory where you’ll be taken on a tour of this awesome industry. The young and the old will find plenty of interesting questions swarming their heads as they behold this wonderful flying machine.

From the air planes to the ships is a logical step to take, so visit the Cap San Diego Ship Museum to view the moored ship that is in fact a floating museum. Hamburg harbor area has plenty more attractions while you’re here, such as the 800 year old harbor itself which is said to be the largest in Europe. It lights up like a fairy tale in the evening and offers many tours to let you get the best of it.

For a touch of fun and adventure you could visit the Hagen beck Zoo or check out the spooky Hamburg Dungeon.


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