Tourist Attractions In Germany Keep You Exhilarated

Tourist attractions in Germany have a unique blend that goes to satisfy a meticulous far-eastern tourist just as well as an Aussie backpacker.

The best of beauteous nature, medieval architecture embodied in castles and cathedrals, lush orchards and vineyards draped around somnolent hills with the blue rivers flowing by, a number of exciting amusement parks and outdoor sport facilities, not to mention, a vibrant German culture that will satiate you with its music, arts, and cuisine, all these and more await you.

There are any number of famous tourist attractions such as the Neuschwanstein Castle and the Heidelberg Castle, that you will be warned not to miss when you set out on your trip, but what you see will depend on where you plan to be.

The big German cities where most tourists throng have their landmark buildings and architecture, museums and shopping, parks and restaurants that will often be your first taste of German tourism.

Leaving the tourist attractions of the big cities you should certainly venture further out to experience the authentic German essence. The Black Forest is the epitome of the mysteriously beautiful spirit of the land that will enchant you while inviting you to explore further of a culture that might at first seem a little incomprehensible. Get your first German cuckoo clock and taste that fabulous piece of cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte). You might even consider a good soak at a spa in Baden-Baden.

A beautiful experience that could easily be a top attraction for tourists in Germany would be the Rhine Valley. Stroll along the banks, take a cruise, or meditate on all that elegant beauty as you sip a favorite beverage; you’ll never be the same again.

Another riparian extravaganza that is a top German tourist attraction is to be found on the banks of Lake Constance. Known locally as Bodensee, this picturesque lake caters to Austria and Switzerland as well as Germany and is an extremely popular venue with its bird sanctuary, parks, promenade, and blue skies.

The state of Bavaria where the lake is situated has many more tourist attractions that will cast its spell on you. Castles such as the Hohenschwangau and, again, the more famous Neuschwanstein — on which Disney modeled their fairytale castles will leave you spell bound.

A major tourist attraction in Germany would have to be these and other similar castles such as the Linderhof Palace and the Eltz Castle that have an ethereal quality to them that makes them look unreal, mysterious and timeless — all the more reason to explore them fully.

Scenic routes like the Romantic Road trip is another major German tourist attraction here that takes you from the Main River along some of the most stunning Alpine scenery — through quaint villages and pastoral scenes replete with towers and turrets looming in the distance.

As you enjoy the scenic beauty you will come face to face with historic remnants that take you back in time to a place that you’d only read about in your high school history books.

A wonderful German tourist attraction would be a tour of wineries and vineyards that take you literally on a high along picturesque hill slopes. Take the German Wine Route as you go sipping, tasting, and generally enjoying yourself totally while imbibing the best of German wine and reveling in what is perhaps the best of German landscapes.

Visit the lesser known Germany that lives in quiet little villages and mysterious little towns where time takes twice as long to move on.

If you love partying, do it the German way during the Oktoberfest when the place is one big festival of fun. Enjoy the generous flow of good beer and wine as you get to taste sausages from your wildest dreams. Parades and performers take care of your senses while you get to taste and experience an aspect of German culture you’ll want to take away with you.

Even more of an attraction for tourists in Germany, if that is possible, would be the beautiful Christmas Markets and the entire season that brings out the best and the beautiful of German culture. Music, dance, carols, and decorations transform this land into a magical, mystical wonderland that has increasing number of tourists visiting each year to experience German Christmas traditions that are yet another tourist attraction in Germany.


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