Welcome To The MyGermanCity.com Fan Corner! :-)

The MyGermanCity.com Fan Corner

You’ve come to the right place. It’s cozy around here… Take a seat, relax, get a drink — this is the MyGermanCity.com Fan Corner! :-)

What Visitors Say About MyGermanCity.com

Here’s a small selection of what visitors say about MyGermanCity.com…

Hello Marcus!

Now I am delighted and its my time to say wow! Your site is among the top interesting and informative sites on the Web that I found for any English speaking “Germany Lover.” Please keep on doing your good work as it makes a difference.

~Adil Mirza, Germany

Hello Marcus,

I love all your Emails. They are wonderful! I visit North Germany every summer but haven’t been to the South yet. Now that I received your 6-part report The Wallet Protector I found a very cheap and easy way to travel from Hamburg to Munich. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)

~Tahseen AbuZaineh, Kuwait


You are incredible! Your given information would have taken weeks if not months for me to figure out. You have been astoundingly helpful. I truly appreciate your remarkable talent. If it’s at all possible, I would like to thank you in person. You really know your stuff.

~Timothy Dunworth, USA

That’s seriously cool stuff, and for a reason.

You see, we work pretty hard in delivering you high quality information and top tips about the world’s most beloved country, Germany.

However, this page is not about us but about YOU, our so beloved visitor. :-) Without you this Web site wouldn’t exist! And it wouldn’t be what it is today.


Thank you for your time and patience in assisting me with my recent questions. Your simple and thorough explanations made light work of a complex project. Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit.

~Wendy L., Canada

Dear Marcus,

I am so excited about this site. I lived there with my German husband until he passed away. I miss it very much! Thank you sooooooo much!

~Carol Boehme, USA

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How To Go From There

Got something to say? Want to accompany all of us around here in the MyGermanCity.com Fan Corner? :-)


Again, take a seat, relax, get yourself a drink (we’ve got beer, wine, coffee,…), then use the below form to share your own thoughts. Who knows, they may even appear on the MyGermanCity.com home page for the whole world to see! :-)

2 Responses to “Welcome To The MyGermanCity.com Fan Corner! :-)”

  1. Syed Akbar Hussaini says:

    Hello, marcus

    I am newbie over here… But, whatever information you just have over here is worthable. I had never been to Germany… But, i’m planning to apply for masters in germany next year…
    I have no words, how much i love deutschland….

    Thank you for providing gret info….

    Here, i come germany…

  2. Teresa says:

    I lived in Germany for a good while. My ancestors’ homeland. I visited the Rhineland, and saw a ruin of an old red brick church. It looked like it had been either bombed out or collapsed from age. I never knew the name of the church. My father was in a tank division that crossed the Rhineland. I have a picture of an old church (at that moment not bombed), and there are grape vines growing (it was winter so they were not green). The picture is probably two and a half inches by two inches in size. My Dad brought the picture back home when he left Germany in 1945. I would love to be able to identify both of these two churches, and if there is any means of doing so, I would be very happy. If you can help, please respond. Thankfully yours, Teresa

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Dear Marcus,

Thank you so much for a lot of info that you've provided. I shall be much appreciated. You are so great. You helped me and opened wonderful secrets. I am so glad I found your website! God bless you!

~Jaleesa Lee, Malaysia


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