Bavarian Swabia — German Region With Giant Vacation Appeal

Covering the southwest of Bavaria, the land of Bavarian Swabia (German: Bayerisch-Schwaben) does a remarkable job of incorporating vacation possibilities to appeal to nearly anyone.

Museums, medieval castles and churches, rivers, lakes, mountains, ruins dating back to Roman times, nature reserves, hiking and cycling routes, a diverse range of architectural styles, and some of the best breweries in Germany, all this and more await you in Bavarian Swabia! :-)

For a relaxing retreat, think about spending some time in the area in and around the city of Neu-Ulm. The Neu-Ulm district has an indoor swimming/sauna complex with pools for both adults and kids, and the city itself has three separate parks which hosted the Regional Garden Festival for nearly six months in 2008.

One of the most appealing attractions of the Neu-Ulm district is the Bee Museum in the ancient town of Illertissen. Illertissen was first mentioned in 954 AD. Located in the Vöhlin castle on a bluff overlooking the town, the Bee Museum shares in space with the local History museum, the Castle’s Chapel, and the Baroque Hall in which public concerts are held. Another attraction is the District Model Garden at Weißenhorn, where a city gate dates back to the late 15th century.

Take in the amazing herb gardens of the Roggenburg Monastery. Peer deep into Bavarian Swabia’s past with a visit to the Kellmünz Archaeological Park, named from the Latin “Caelio Mons,” the fort where the Romans held off Alemanni tribes until the fifth century A.D.

Visit the Roman Museum in Bavarian Swabia’s city of Augsburg (after Caesar Augustus). Fast forward to the Renaissance at the Elias Holl-designed Town Hall, and see some stunning examples of the goldsmithing and silversmithing which made Augsburg a wealthy city in days gone by at the Maximilian Museum.

When you’re ready to take in Bavarian Swabia’s outdoor wonders, the huge Augsburg-Western Woods Nature Reserve stretches from Augsburg east as far as the city of Günzburg. It encompasses dozens of charming villages as well as the 12th-century Oberschönenfeld Abbey. For something completely different, head for Legoland when you get to Günzburg.

The Allgäu Alps is one of the best-known region of all Bavarian Swabia’s (and Germany’s) regions, with year-round appeal from its sun-drenched summers to its snow-covered winters. The Alps are an ever-present feature no matter where you find yourself in the Allgäu, but they are never more dominating than in the hydrotherapy health center of Oberstdorf.

Oberstdorf is home to both a ski jump stadium and Germany’s national ice skating center. One of its quirkier summertime attractions is Germany’s largest dairy farm, where you can soak in the beauty of the Fellhorn mountain while restoring your strength with fresh milk and smoked sausage.

From the heights of the Fellhorn, descend to the depths of the Breitachklamm gorge, the deepest in Europe. Or soar in the clouds over Schwansee Park when you visit Neuschwanstein Castle, the postcard perfect edifice which inspired Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle! Time your vacation for September to enjoy one of the classical concerts held in the Castle’s singer hall.

Another of Bavarian Swabia’s famous castles is the Friedberg Castle in Friedberg (Bavaria), which was originally settled in about 8,000 BC. The Friedburg Castle is a stop on one of the most popular scenic routes in Germany, the Romantic Road. Biking through this area, with its many farms and nature preserves, will expose you to the rural side of life in Bavarian Swabia!

Lastly, Bayerisch-Schwaben would not be complete without a visit to the glorious Lake Constance and the city of Lindau. Here you can experience modern sophistication, enigmatic history, and a lively culture that does not bother to pause for breath. It’s well-known (and unique) for its topography, friendly people, and pleasant climate, especially in summer.

Kilometer for kilometer, Bavarian Swabia offers vacation possibilities that please and excite everyone. :-)


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