Fort Fun Abenteuerland — Germany’s Own American Frontier

Fort Fun Abenteuerland is an American Wild West theme park in Germany’s Sauerland region.

Over 40 attractions on 75 hectares of land feature many Wild West showcases, like Davy Crockett’s Camp, the Rio Grande adventure river and the Devil’s Mine roller coaster.

Main Themes

Roller Coasters, Panoramic Tower, Water Rides, Train Rides, Nostalgia, Carousel, Ferris Wheel, Halloween, Entertainment Shows, Restaurants

Operating Times

Fort Fun is open generally from April to October from 9:30 am until 5 or 6 pm. It is closed for some days in every month (except for July), so be sure to check the web site (see below) before you make your plans.


Fort Fun is located in the small town of Bestwig, in its Wasserfall neighborhood.

Düsseldorf is 155 km (96 mi) in the west, to Kassel it’s 112 km or 69 mi (east), Frankfurt is in the south and 168 km (104 mi) away from Fort Fun, while Bielefeld lies in the north and is 110 km or 68 mi away from it.

How To Get To The Fort Fun Abenteuerland

By Air

Flying into Cologne, Dortmund or Düsseldorf is a convenient option. From there, it’s possible to drive to Fort Fun or connect via rail and bus.

By Public Transport

Bestwig is the closest train station to Fort Fun. Bestwig can be reached directly from Cologne and via Dortmund from Düsseldorf in under three hours.

From the Bestwig train station, take Bus 471 (Direction: Abzw. Dörnberg, Bestwig-Andreasberg) to the park. It’s a 20 minute journey.

By Car

If you’re coming from the west (ex., Düsseldorf, Dotmund), get on to the A46. At its end continue to Bestwig, and in its city center turn right towards Herringhausen > Ramsbeck > Wasserfall. (Düsseldorf and Cologne are less than a two-hour drive and Dortmund is just over an hour’s journey.)

Coming from Bielefeld, drive towards Paderborn onto the A33, continuing onto the B480 towards Bestwig-Wasserfall.

From Kassel take the A44 towards Dortmund and get off at exit 63 towards Marsberg. Stay on the B7 until after Brilon. After Antfeld, turn left towards Olsberg, the next right towards Gevelinghausen, after that village turn left onto the K16, the next right towards Andreasberg, and in that village follow the signs to Wasserfall — Fort Fun. Phew!

If Frankfurt is your starting point, get onto the A5 towards Kassel and keep going to Gießen > Marburg. After Marburg get off at the exit to the B62 towards Biedenkopf, but get off of the B62 soon afterwards, turning right to the B252 to Wetter > Battenberg > Hallenberg > Winterberg. Right after Winterberg turn left to Siedlinghausen, and after that towards Elpe, then Wasserfall — Fort Fun.

All is much more convenient if you’re equipped with a navigation system. Simply enter Bestwig-Wasserfall under “city” and you’re ready to fly! :-)

Fort Fun Highlights

Annual Events

Fort Fun stays open extra late three nights a year for its annual events.

There’s the Witch’s Night, where participants enroll in “witch academy” and study such topics as broom construction and potion brewing. It culminates in a diploma ceremony and dancing around a bonfire at night.

More fantastical fun happens on Fairy Tale Night, with story-telling and puppet theaters. And of course, don’t forget your costume for the Halloween night festivities.

Tatonka Stunt Show

Come experience the daring, death-defying stunts of the Indian Tatonka. The “Death Leap” is one of the highlights. You’ll hold your breath as the stuntmen dive from a 25 m (82 ft) high platform into a fiery 3 m (10 ft) wide basin.

More Fort Fun Attractions

Fort Fun lives up to its name with over 40 attractions. Ride the Big Wheel ferris wheel, climb aboard the Pirate Ship Swing and cruise the Rio Grande river rapids.

Get on the Devil’s Mine and Trapper Slider roller coasters for adrenaline lovers or climb to the top of the Stüppelturm and admire the view of the park and surrounding Sauerland.


You’ll find the traditional amusement park fast food here at the Buffalo Burger, Saloon, and other snack stands.

Fort Fun Prices

Since prices are ever-changing, please find the most current ones on their Web site at:

Contact Info

FORT FUN Abenteuerland
59909 Bestwig-Wasserfall

Phone: +49-2905-81123


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