Satzvey Castle — Vibrant History, Fantasy Days, Medieval Markets

Satzvey Castle, or Burg Satzvey in German, is a moated castle in Germany’s Rhineland region. You’ll feel transported back to the Middle Ages as you tour this magnificent edifice.

About The Satzvey Castle And Its History

Burg Satzvey’s history can be traced back all the way to the 12th century. At this time, it was known only as Vey.

The castle’s lineage has spread over many ancient royal families. It began with the Benedictines, until the Archbishop of Cologne gave the lordship to Otto von Vey in 1368. Although the castle has retained the name Vey (partially), the family’s ownership of Burg Satzvey was far less enduring.

By 1391, the last of the line had died out and it passed on to Heinrich von Krauthausen. Von Krauthausen was the son-in-law of Otto von Vey, and was chiefly responsible for the construction of the Satzvey Castle we know today.

But even von Krauthausen didn’t maintain power for very long time either. After a series of famous noble families held control, by the 16th century, a man named Wilhelm Spieß von Büllesheim usurped Satzvey with the blessing of the Cologne Archbishop.

In the 1700s, Satzvey was once again under new management, and this time would be a bit more lasting. The castle was sold to Karl Otto von Gymnich.

Satzvey Castle remains in the Gymnich family today, and the Gymnichs have been particularly active in preserving the castle’s history with festivals and other events.

Satvey Castle Highlights And Features


Burg Satzvey hopes to bring history alive to its guests and you can experience this feeling through its many festivals and yearly events. There are regular jousting tournaments and competitions as well as medieval markets.

Fantasy Days is a fairly recent event where guests can participate in lectures, karaoke, art classes, musical performances and even competitions. Special happenings take place around the holidays too, from spooky witches markets for Halloween to a Christmas nativity play.

The winter holidays are also a time for that time-honored, ever-popular German tradition, the Christmas Market. Watch the castle be transformed into a winter wonderland should you choose to visit during this festive season.


Satzvey Castle’s courtyards are a beautiful sight to behold. With the impressive walls of the castle all around you, a visit to these courtyards make it easy to envision what life in the Satvey must have been like. They also provide many excellent photo opportunities and are the site for many of the Burg’s special events.

Hall Of Crests

If you really want to know about the many noble families who once called Burg Satzvey home, your first stop should be the Hall of Crests. Here you can view the family emblematic crests in a huge banquet hall warmed by a large fireplace.

Hall of the Bourbon Lilies

With such an elegant name as the Hall of the Bourbon Lilies, how can you not want to visit this special room? The name comes from the wall decorations, which are heavy burgundy tapestries embellished with golden lilies. Once used as banquet hall for as many as 460 guests, these days the hall plays host to many concerts.

Satzvey Castle Location And Opening Hours

The intrepid traveler can find the castle of Satzvey in the town of Mechernich, about 55 km (34 mi) south of Cologne. Use the street address of “Burg Satzvey, 53894 Mechernich-Satzvey” for turn-by-turn instructions on your navigation device.

Also, Mechernich is surrounded by many of Germany’s highways. So you can use the Autobahn A1 to get there, take exit 111, then follow the signs.

And train travelers can get off at the Satzvey station, then walk for just two minutes to reach the castle!

Satzvey Castle Opening Hours

The Satzvey Castle is open year round. Tours are offered on weekends and holidays from noon until 5 p.m. And the castle prides itself on its availability for private parties and even fairy tale weddings. If you have the means (and the money!), Burg Satzvey will always be open! :-)


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