Autostadt — The Amusement Park For Automobile Lovers

With over two million visitors a year, the Autostadt is more than just a car museum. Volkswagen opened this attraction to share with the world the stages of car production at one of their factories.

Visitors to the Autostadt will find super modern architecture, driving tracks for adults and children, boat rides, car design simulation, and a display of some world-famous automobiles.

Main Themes

Cars, Museum, Boat rides, Design simulation, Driving tracks, Restaurants

Operating Times

Autostadt is open every day except for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Hours are from 9 am through 6 pm.


Autostadt is situated in the city center of Wolfsburg, about 230 km (143 mi) west of Berlin, 225 km (140 mi) south of Hamburg, and just 92 km (57 mi) east of Hanover.

How To Get To The Autostadt

By Air

There are at least five airports that could connect you easily to Autostadt. Numerous flights arrive at the airports of Berlin, Hanover, Leipzig/Halle, Brunswick and Hamburg every day. Each of these airports offers convenient transfers to Wolfsburg via the high-speed ICE trains or Autobahns. (Autostadt is behind the central station.)

By Public Transport

An ICE train will connect you directly to Autostadt from any of the major train stations in Berlin, Hanover, Leipzig, Brunswick or Hamburg.

For example, Berlin, is only one hour from Wolfsburg by ICE while Hanover is a short 30 minute ride.

In either case, get off at the Wolfsburg central station and you’ll find Autostadt just across the Aller River (i.e., “behind” the station).

By Car

If you’re driving, take the Autobahn A39 and get off at exit 3, Wolfburg-West, towards the city center. The rest is well sign-posted once you’re near the central station (Hauptbahnhof).

You can also get off at exit 1, Wolfsburg-Nord. Here, too, the rest is well sign-posted.

In case you’re equipped with a navigation system enter Wolfsburg for the city and Stadtbr├╝cke for the street.

Autostadt Highlights

Driving Tracks

Driving Tracks is one of the star features of the Autostadt. You are given the opportunity to actually drive (with a guide, of course) on a hilly, angled course that spans 15,000 square meters.

Adults must show a drivers license before being allowed to take part in this fun activity.

There’s even a driving course for children, with small electric cars.

Boat Rides

The Autostadt is situated close to the Mittelland Canal. You have the chance to take advantage of a boat cruise five times a day, if you visit between May and December. On this hour-long boat ride, you’ll have great views of the Ritz Carlton, the Volkswagen plant, a local power station and of course, the famous modern architecture of the Autostadt.

Design Your Own Car

Give your inner car designer some action in Volkswagen’s CarDesign Studio. Choose from six different car types, decide on a color, whether you want a sun roof and the wheel size. When you finish, you can even print out a copy of your custom-made car as a souvenir. :-)

More Autostadt Attractions

Once you’ve perused the amazing car collection here, including the famous VW Beetle that was the cover art to the Beatles’ Abbey Road and the world’s first petrol car, there’s still plenty to do.

Check out the Dufttunnel for a wonderful sensory experience in this tunnel of flowers. There’s driving lessons for adults and children. Stop at the MobiLab for an interesting documentary about mobility.

All in all, the Autostadt is a family-fun and family-friendly attraction!


There are several nearby restaurants that will feed you and your family. Aqua is a swanky restaurant featuring five-to-seven course meals that’s perfect for a couple’s date night.

If you’re bringing the kids along, then check out the Cool and Creamy for some refreshing ice cream.

Autostadt Prices

Did I ever tell you that theme park prices are ever-changing? Yes, they are. So please find the most current prices on the Autstadt Web site. After you chose the English language, click on “Visit Us” and then on “Hours/Prices.” (Sorry, but their current Web site system makes it impossible for me to link directly to their price table!)

Contact Info

38440 Wolfsburg

Phone: +49-5361-400


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