North Rhine-Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen)

North Rhine-Westphalia (German: Nordrhein-Westfalen, often short NRW) is a federal state in the western part of Germany. With Düsseldorf as its capital, it has the highest density in population. (More than 18 million people live here!)

North Rhine-Westphalia Map

Map of North Rhine-WestphaliaAachenAachen DistrictBielefeldBochumBonnBorken DistrictBottropCleves DistrictCoesfeld DistrictCologneDortmundDüren DistrictDuisburgDüsseldorfEnnepe-Ruhr-KreisEssenEuskirchen DistrictGelsenkirchenGütersloh DistrictHagenHammHeinsberg DistrictHerford DistrictHerneHochsauerlandkreisHöxter DistrictKrefeldLeverkusenLippe DistrictMärkischer KreisMettmann DistrictMinden-Lübbecke DistrictMönchengladbachMülheim an der RuhrMünsterOberbergischer KreisOberhausenOlpe DistrictPaderborn DistrictRecklinghausen DistrictRemscheidRheinisch-Bergischer KreisRhein-Erft-KreisRhein-Kreis NeussRhein-Sieg-KreisSiegen-Wittgenstein DistrictSoest DistrictSolingenSteinfurt DistrictUnna DistrictViersen DistrictWarendorf DistrictWesel DistrictWuppertal

It’s easily recognizable by the fact that you find city after city after city, and, in the Ruhr area, highways and Autobahns often go along sleeping rooms! (Though, that does not mean it’s nice to live there!)

Almost completely damaged in the Second World War, this metropolis does not rank amongst the most attractive in Germany, but it nevertheless boasts some of the largest shopping centers, tasty restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and historical museums. It has several large metropolises like Cologne (largest city), Bonn (former capital of Germany), Duisburg, Dortmund, Remscheid, and Essen.

And Düsseldorf, among the main economic centers and transport hubs in Germany, holds abundance of conservative nature under its glamor, glitz and huge trade fair. It is filled with civilization, plenty of cooking regional delights, and many breathtaking nightclubs. This is particularly present in Old Town, recognized as the Altstadt district, where interesting architecture outlines a great deal of the Rhine river.

North Rhine-Westphalia has extraordinary riches of natural landscapes. From the flat Münsterland area and upland areas such as the Sauerland to the volcanic Eifel area and the Lower Rhine, all this is there for you to be explored.. The Ruhr area also has a number of natural attractions that are sure to appeal to any nature admirer.

Though, it is mainly recognized for its industrial history. It is a highly developed state which holds the major manufacturing concentration in Europe, with one of the largest mining and energy-producing regions in Europe. It has outstanding transport services, together with superhighways, electrified railing facility, waterway transport, and two great airdromes.

Its manufacturers comprise chemical, machinery, processed foodstuff, fabric, garments, coal mining, and iron and steel. More than half of the state’s total land is occupied with commercial farming as well as estates and orchards, although these enterprise sum to only a little part of the area’s gross yearly manufactured goods.

And on Christmas? Roads are overflowing with little timber huts. The Weinachtsmarkt in Aachen is a famous Christmas marketplace, but the one in Düsseldorf is extra wide-ranging, more pleasurable, and has more things you would like to purchase. And not to forget the Cologne Christmas Markets! (Yes, they have more than one.)

Cologne Cathedral certainly is the city’s best-known attraction. It is the biggest of its type in Europe whose construction started in 1248 and, after several pauses some of which lasted centuries, was at last finished between the year 1842 and 1880.

Rhein-Ruhr Airport in Düsseldorf [DUS], an international airport, is the third largest of Germany, which serves most European destinations. Another large airport is that of Cologne/Bonn [CGN].


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