Swabian Spa Route — It’s All About Being Pampered

If there ever was a scenic route designed specifically for me it is the Swabian Spa Route, or Schwäbische Bäderstrasse in German. Every town on this 180km (112mi) route offers the best of being pampered, some even meeting up with other scenic routes like the Upper Swabian Baroque Route, giving you rich culture and history too.

Start of the Swabian Spa Route

The route starts on the shores of Lake Constance in the spa town of Überlingen. It’s where the spa services at the Bodensee-Therme are meant to relax and invigorate you. After a good Kneipp spa therapy session, enjoy the Old Town and plenty of sailing and surfing on Lake Constance.

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time in Bad Saulgau to enjoy the Roman/Irish Steambaths, body wraps, and brine water swims at the Sonnenhof-Therme. It’s really cool how there are 6 indoor and outdoor pools, which you can check out in between grabbing a bite to eat at all the restaurants and cafes.

As befitting a town with a Stone Age Village (you’ll find it at the Federsee), Bad Buchau’s Adelindis Spa has a Celtic Sauna. They got regular saunas and steambaths, but why not try something new?

When you’ve had your fill of all the spa services you can possibly handle, Bad Buchau has golfing, horseback riding, hiking and Nordic Walking trails, and sky diving. For quiet reflection, the Convent Gardens are just the place.

The destruction of the Thirty Years’ War led to much of the Baroque building in Germany; and Bad Schussenried still retains much of that flavor. It’s got a pilgrimage church that’s so pretty — I would be willing to forgo any spa service scheduled just to sit here all day.

You can go on over to the pond to rent a boat, or visit the Monastery Museum all you want. Beer stein collectors should see the 1200 on display at the Brewery Experience.

We’re at the half-way point (and the Upper Swabian Baroque Route again) in Aulendorf. Somehow, the ultra modern Schwaben-Therme spa facilities (offering massages, Roman baths, and so much more) work alongside the centuries old Baroque architecture.

For the history of the town you’ll want to see the Civic Museum, and at the Palace Museum there are old toys and Baroque dolls on display.

I had to be dragged kicking and screaming (so un-German like, isn’t it?) from the mud baths and sulphur waters of the Kneipp spa and Waldsee-Therme in Bad Waldsee. How else was I supposed to see the lederhosen wearing staff at the Hofgut Elchenreute, the 600 year old Rathaus, the two lakes, or attempt to walk the 3 (and a half!) mile nature trail?

The next person to interrupt my massage will lose an eye, I tell ya. ;-)

It’s back to nature in Bad Wurzach at the Wurzacher Ried that has more than 2000 species of plants and animals combined. That’s in addition to the hiking, biking, and Nordic trails. And it’s on the Upper Swabian Baroque Route too. Nice.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

It’s the Vitalium mud baths and herbal massages for me. Plus with indoor & outdoor pools with bubbles and no bubbles, massaging jets and not jets — there are plenty of options to get the spa experience of your dreams. In addition to the fact that Bad Wurzach has the oldest peat pulp bath in all of Baden-Württemberg (it’s from 1935).

Since the 16th century people have enjoyed the spas of Bad Grönenbach. Good, I know they’ve been doing something right then. It’s not just the massages and sauna that’ll do you good — they’re all about your all-around health, including how to eat healthier.

Does that mean bratwurst and wine is out of the question?

Forget it, I’m heading to Bad Wörishofen. While this might be the last stop on the Swabian Spa Route, I’m kind of sad. But, with a 160,000 square foot spa, it makes it go down so much smoother.

Sorry folks, if you’ve brought the kiddies with you, they’re not allowed in. You gotta be over 16 to get in on any day but Saturday.

Take ’em out on a horseback ride, a Nordic Walking Trail, or let them try cross-country skiing in the meantime.

Everyone’s welcome at the Sebastian Kneipp Museum, or to see the rose and herb garden or the tulip path at the Kurpark.

Just don’t interrupt my massage to go with you. I’d hate for you to lose an eye. ;-)

Swabian Spa Route Web Site

In case you still need it (are you sure?), here’s the Web site of the Swabian Spa Route.


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